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Download The Best Game Android Disco Beez | Games Disco Bees may be equally moved at most game match – the other three. When you play this game, you have to equate the three types of bee (bees) that have the same color in a row to clear them from the board. Boards that exist in this game, looks more like a line like hexagonal honeycomb true. Here are a few levels that contains several different types of form boards – different. The board also determines the shape of the value that you can get, and if you can find some hidden giant bee you can clear the board faster. Like a boxer bee, bee ninja, or bee pollen. In this game you have a limited number per field board, and some of the extra parts that have a purpose, such as cleaning up the honey that sticks in the board. It’s funny is not it?


The reason I wrote a review about this game is , because this game is very funny. The bee was amazing shape with a cute tail and big smile , body fat and a little affection . And of course they are not likely to sting , where it is the most fun game features . icon biggrin Download Games Android Best Disco in Beez. All menus , directions , and awards at the center of the game using the language ” bee ” is very funny , such as ” BEEgin ( start ) ” , and ” BEEautiful ! ( Beautiful ) ” . It’s enough to make people – especially people see him smiling when the bees were dancing Waggle Dance when you successfully complete each level . Very cute one : 3

What about disco music ? Take it easy , each level have their own song – his own , filled with joy , pedal Wakka – Chikka and filled with the sound of a trumpet when you can find a bee that already match 3 . One more thing , in permainanan Disco Bees , there are six areas where the bees nesting and it is your duty to equalize them and also help fight the bees and collect honey zomBEEs and also funny stuff .

To equate the bee , you have to make a group of bees in a row set consisting of 3 or more bees . Perhaps in a row vertically or diagonally ( no horizontal lines here ) . You quite sweeping in every direction that you want so that the bee is in a position that could make them the third match – three. Equating bees are on the right posisis could ultimately make a super bees increase the points you have and make the score long combos .

So cool this game is already downloaded by 50 thousand users worldwide android . How ? Really exciting for sure , for the already curious straight guys wrote click the link below yaa … Do not want to lose at this application users around the world . Happy downloading !

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