FIFA 14 Android game – is a football sports game made ​​by Electronic Arts , one of the biggest game studios in the world . You can download Fifa 14 free games on Android and iOS . Besides being able to play for free , you can also upgrade to a premium , so they can choose 3mode game , ie Manager , Tournament and Kick Off . FIFA 14 Android game is officially licensed from the agency authorized to regulate the sport in the world , so that all the players and team names are original . In a football game FIFA 14 you ‘ll get 33 international league with teams number more than 600 and the number of players is more than 16000 . Besides that you can also make yourself a football club , not only there , you can also buy and borrow players from other teams . Currently android game FIFA 14 already supports English , French , German , Italian and Spanish .


New features that exist in this sport game is Touch Flow that was deliberately created for those who play on tablets and smartphones , so they can use the drag to move the player . In addition to feeding the ball you can by pressing the tab on the touch screen , if you want to shoot the ball into your goal simply by sliding the touch screen on the player who carries the ball will be fired into the enemy goal .

Download Game – Android games FIFA 14 can be used on android 2.3 and above , besides the size of the game 1:35 GB so you also have to have enough memory in order to play smoothly . How ? Interested in the android game FIFA 14 ? To be able to play this game , you have to use at least Android version 2.3 Gingerbread or later , plus you have to have an internal memory capacity which is great for measuring 1:35 FIFA 14 GB .

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