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Download Android Games Free Small Fry – Small Fry Games is an endless runner game that is manufactured by a well-known game developer named Noodlecake . Actually how to play this game is quite simple , you just need to run as fast – fast elude the evil sharks that are always ready to eat you . You also need to be careful – careful with the obstacle in front of you . Such , to avoid various kinds of marine animals , such as swordfish , jellyfish , squid , and much more . If you get hit by one of them , do not blame the evil sharks that will eat you soon. icon biggrin Download Android Games Free Small Fry. In addition to running , you also need to get some additional items in the level . For example , searching for looking for shells ( coins ) , power ups , balloon while swimming . Well , you certainly look for balloons confused reading the words in this game . icon biggrin Download Android Games Free Small Fry.


Yup , the balloon used in this game when you swim out space. In addition to life at sea , the fish that you also have to live at sea level and also in space. How? When you want to dive into the underwater android tap on the screen. Then, if you want to rise to the surface , remove your finger from the screen smartphone. Then the fish will automatically jump to the surface. When you reach the surface you will find a lot of bubbles balloons that you can enter. Bubble – a bubble that will take you to drift off into space . Make sure when you are already in space you do not fall down . Be – careful of the asteroids that exist in outer space . If you hit the asteroids you will fall and the sharks will eat you directly.

One of my favorite features in this game is the nitro mode , if you managed to get the balloon to float in the air for as many as five times in a row you will get it . When you get Nitro Mode sharks can not chase anymore because the speed of the fish will grow very rapidly . Do not let objects or other animals crashing in front of you because it can make your speed is reduced.

Simply download below gan that endless runner game like at this one. Do not forget to download games Superhero Injustice also yes to add your collection of games. Everything is free for friends.

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