Download Game Android Naradja: Garuda Nest Rescue

Download Game Android Naradja: Garuda Nest Rescue | This month, a local game developer named Dolanan Games, share their latest game on google play store titled, Naradja: Garuda Nest Rescue. This game has graphics and a third person perspective, as well as 3-dimensional look slick. They take the path of the story of the puppet Tooh Garuda Indonesia which is the symbol of the state. Garuda is derived from the Sanskrit “Garuda”, which means that one of the gods in Hindu and Buddhist. He is the vehicle of Lord Vishnu, one of the Trimurti or manifestation form of God in Hinduism. Garuda described was gold, white face, and red wings. Beak and wings like an eagle, but as a human body. The size is large so that the body can block the sun.


In addition there is also a story of Garuda in the book of the Mahabharata and the Puranas which originated in India. Japanese people are also familiar creature Garuda, which they called Karura. In Thailand is referred to as Krut or Pha Krut.  Garuda is a mythical bird, half-man half-bird, vehicle of Vishnu. He is the king of the birds and is a descendant of Kasyapa and Winata, one of the daughters of Daksha. He is the mortal enemy of the serpent, a trait inherited from his mother, who had quarreled with his wife and fellow superiors, namely Kadru, mother of the snake.

Garuda beam so bright that the gods thought him Agni (God of Fire) and worshiped. In this game, you will act as Naradja, who will fight to save the baby Garuda. You can run, jump and avoid obstacles while taking the time to look for fast food lunch on the way. Do not worry this game is too hard for the kids, because this is basically just a simple game that requires skill to jump and run. This game is also suitable for those who want mengajakan children – children about the history and culture of Indonesia in a different way. So no need to worry about download game now.

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