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Download Puzzle Game Free Android Clock Cookies – After being played a match 3 puzzle game that is very popular before, Candy Crush Saga. Now it’s time you tried another match 3 game that not less interesting. Attach the three pieces of the same puzzle cookies and they will disappear from the game board. The game is inspired by the game Bejelewed who first made popular match 3 puzzle game around the world. Now game developers Jam Cookies, SGN contributed one of his works for free for us all. Like what Cookie game clock gamegratisan friend? Let’s consider the following review icon smile Cookies Jam Puzzle Game Download Android & IOS.


Just like the older brother who has been popular before, this game will make you feel dizzy and annoyed because you have to rack my brain to get 3 pairs of new puzzles in each level. However, over time you will definitely be hooked saw puzzle cake is very tasty cookies.

How to play If you have never played the previous 3 pairs of puzzle games , here we going to – for tips on how to play puzzle game 3 pairs of free games for loyal friends ! B )

  • First , you will see a board game moved at a few pairs of puzzle pieces on top .
  • Your job is to shift each of the puzzle pieces into a pair of at least three pieces of the puzzle . In this game the puzzle piece shaped star cake boxes , moon , and others – others .
  • Create a stretcher puzzle pieces are in the same row or column .
  • If it is a line , then the cake – the cake will disappear from the game board .
  • Cake – a cake that was left on it will be down to cover the hole in the board games or empty .
  • If you managed to install four to five pieces of cake that looks the same in a row or column , you will get a special cake that you can use to destroy some of the other cakes at once . This also applies if you get a pair of the same cake in the shape of the letter ” L ” or ” T ” .
  • Special cake can also be used if you wish to make a large explosion which could remove the cake from the puzzle board quickly .

Almost similar to the Candy Crush Saga, Jam Cookies also brought the theme of food as an attraction puzzle game that requires sharp fikir power. When playing this game once you learn how to make a French dessert recipes, such as a cupcake or cake pie and some special cake would you make are like pieces of cake, pie and cake toppings kukis or mesis colored – iridescent. Hmmm makes ya hungry icon biggrin Cookies Jam Puzzle Game Download Android & IOS. Let’s download game right now, before the drool all read the reviews of this game for free. Share your thoughts with a comment in the comments field below to download kawaan yaa … Congratulations!

Download Game Android Clock Cookies

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