Download Game Android Carnivorous Fish Fishing

Download Game Android Carnivorous Fish Fishing – If you ‘ve ever played a fishing game that we ‘ve shared before . There must be some among you who feel less satisfied because less challenged by the game . This time , we will share the extreme fishing game called Ace Fishing : Catch Wild in Android to friend gamegratisan as his successor . Well , what the heck extreme as this game ? Read the following review yaa … icon biggrin Game Fishing Best in Mobile Android Free.


For some people who are not so fond of fishing games will change minds when ‘ve tried this game . The display detailed game graphics and real impressed . Sea water looks so clear that you could see the fish – fish swimming underneath. Shape of the fish in this game is very similar to visible fish in general , the details of color , and body movements – movements of the fish makes you feel as if true – true real fishing . Just imagine how you feel when pancingmu interesting hook sharks , piranhas , and other predatory fish . One – one that pancinganmu off , the sharks will actually take your body up into pieces – pieces.

How to Play – Here are some tips so you can play this game with ease .

  • Press the button in the middle of the screen to throw the bait into the water , resistant to stalling coil fishing rod , remove the fish when the pull is too strong , etc. .
  • If successful your bait fish eaten by one , you should still make sure that you do not put too much pressure rod if you do not want pancingmu rope broke .
  • Do not press too hard too at the same time to make sure the fish is not too much if you do not want to loose your bait and fish eventually blurred .
  • To assist the player in times of difficulty above , use the combo system when it happens : Increase the pressure to the maximum level and stamped before pancingmu broken straps , these tips will make the combo pancingmu level rise .
  • You also must keep pancinganmu of shocks that will occur over five consecutive times – helped .
  • When your bait is eaten , you can swipe the middle button in order to attract fish closer toward you .

In fact , the challenge in testing the fishing is patience and consistency in the waiting fish that fall into jebakanmu . However , in this game you do not need to bother – bother waiting for a fish that is stopping or looking for the right location for fishing . Here , the fish – fish that will come find your bait , you need to do is to fish as much – much . When the level increases , then you can open up the opportunity for fishing in a new area with a fish cooler than before . Do not forget to upgrade your equipment and buy a bigger bait than ever to help you increase your chances to catch rare fish. How cool is not it ? ! let’s download it now and share it with friends – friends that liked. Do not forget to download game now . Happy Download !

  • Ace Fishing : Wild Catch Android 44 MB Download adalah website yang menghimpun berbagai jenis game gratis dari berbagai sumber di Internet. Terima kasih atas kunjungan dan partisipasinya. Jangan lupa klik Facebook Like dan Google+ share di bagian bawah artikel, Terimakasih sobat ^_^


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