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Download Games Simulation SMA Create Android and iOS – the white ash – ash is the most memorable times in our lives , many people who say that. Because the high school is a time where a variety of nature – emerging adulthood we can be good or bad. Often we give ourselves nicknames or other person who gives nicknames to us , and join with friends – friends with similar hobbies. Compete in lessons or even compete to get a girlfriend. It’s time – time that can not be forgotten in her white uniform gray – gray. icon smile Download High School of Life Simulation Game for Android and iOS Free


Well, to get back the memory of your high school years before ever you live, a game named High School Story, successfully demonstrated a wide range of live events and dramatic when you become a high school student. To play this game, there are a few things you need to do : You play into a teenager who tried to knit back memories of his high school days in advance, The main point is that should you get to draw the attention of other students as much as possible, even better if it could attract the attention of other school children. icon biggrin Download High School of Life Simulation Game for Android and iOS Free, The new students need something cool more than just a bench and textbooks , so you have to attract them to get more facilities and materials, You also need help in dealing with personal problems and fears faced by every teenager in their life.

High School Story game more like a game to build other environments, but this game brings the other side of the story about a young child. You should be able to attract students from a variety of types, ranging from students who like sports, the humorous, socialite, and some types of classes that are still locked. Each class requires some challenges to be solved, so you should be able to approach any existing class to move on to the next class . So this simulation game is slightly different from the sims simulation games and life simulation games dragon.

You have to build a school to increase the number of students enrolled to school. You also need to arrange a place to hang-out, decorations and a variety of other needs. There will be also some lessons to take place, so you need classrooms requiring books. Book – the book will go back to the different characters – different.

Memories that you can probably not entirely the same as those you encounter in this game. But what’s wrong with being young again and remove the burdens that now or for teens who have not entered high school and want to know what life in high school, I think this game is perfect for you. So wait no more, download game right now and share it with friends – friends so that they too can feel the joy of youth is very impressive.

Download Games High School Story Android & IOS

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