Download Game ASPHALT 8, Best Racing Game In Android

Asphalt 8 , Best Racing Game on Android – Already tried all racing games that exist in the game for free ? If so, you should try Asphalt 8 which allegedly is the best racing game on android . Games that has been downloaded more than 5 million users provides a new experience in playing a racing game , it is suitable for you who like racing games . Moreover, you can play this game for free . Capital just download it . Game made ​​by gameloft is no doubt the quality . Many interesting features on offer.


Download Game 8 Asphalt is a racing game that is destined those who like to race with extreme dream car and a cool graphic display. Can also be used for car racing simulation. So if you’re a race fan, and have android gadget, you should try to install it. In addition to the android, this game can also be played on iOS. Suitable for iphone and ipad users. You can download through the app store favorites. Prepare kuotamu to download this cool game. After that try to compare with the fast and furious racing game 6.

By driving a luxury car you will enjoy the thrill of driving a race car dream .

  • There are about 47 sports car with high quality
  • Many manufacturing artificial Veneno Lamborgini , Bugatti Veyron , Ferrari FXX and Pagani Zonda R.
  • Motors with high sound quality similar to the original sound

Get Airborne

  • A hit the guardrail and over the road racing
  • Make the leap circular with 360 º rotation
  • Doing manver while in the air

Place the Exotic Racing

  • Doing the race in 9 different exotic locations , diataranya in Venice , France , Iceland , Nevada Desert and many other places
  • All the track is available in a variety of game modes
  • Look for a shortcut to bypass the race time , so that you can more quickly reach the destination

Multiplayer matches and Ghost

  • Can be used for multiplayer up to 8 people
  • Challenge your friends to race with your favorite car
  • Compare the value at the top of the standings with a friend as well as the drivers all over the world
  • Share awards you get for proving that you are indeed a super racer
  • 300×225 asphalt racing game Asphalt 8, Best Racing Game on Android

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