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Download Games Free Run Line cookie on Android – One more game of enterprise social networking application maker japan , Line Cookie Run , has been distributed to friends gamegratisan be free – free . Game Line Cookie Run is an endless running game for the coolest use of iOS and Android . Naver Japan company , which makes social networking application called LINE is already issued many games – games for the user LINE . However , entering the game ‘s top play only games google Run Line cookie itself . How cool is not it .. let’s see the next review for you this game is equally curious . Hahaha icon biggrin Download Games Free Run Line cookie in Android.


From the name alone is noticeable that the main points in this game is how far you are running and how astute you are on the run . It’s been a lot of games – similar games like Mini Ninjas or Robot Unicorn Attack . But this game is much better than games – games that I mentioned earlier. First , you will start your adventure with a role as one of renowned icon that looks like a human LINE cookies , he looks like the gingerbread man character in the movie Shrek , and your goal is to escape from the witch who wants to catch and eat you alive – alive.

How to Play – Although you are a beginner in playing this game Run Line cookie , you will not find it difficult to control the game . Here are tips and tricks on how to play :

  • In this game , there are two buttons located at the bottom right corner and bottom left .
  • To jump you have to do is press the left button once .
  • To jump two times you have to press the left button twice also
  • While the right button is useful when you want to head down to avoid objects – objects that is on you .
  • When you run , you have to collect coins and extra energy , and objects – other unique objects .
  • Do not let your guard down , as in games – Other games you should still be – careful on hole trap in front of you .
  • Although it looks easy way to play it , but to become an expert in this game you need to practice very much .

The first impression when playing this game you will probably feel normal, but when you play them over time you will change the mind 180 degrees . This game really – really be challenging and adrenaline meatih as strong – strong . One thing that makes Cookie Run Line different from other run game is you have several lives at once for the character . If you’re running when you hit a hurdle , then your life will be gone a lot . When your life runs out then the game will end .

Download Game Android Line Cookie Run

  • LINE Cookie Run Android 49 MB Download adalah website yang menghimpun berbagai jenis game gratis dari berbagai sumber di Internet. Terima kasih atas kunjungan dan partisipasinya. Jangan lupa klik Facebook Like dan Google+ share di bagian bawah artikel, Terimakasih sobat ^_^


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