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Download Game Cook and Build Cities in Android – Already bored with the game action ? Want to try this game funny one ? Chef de Bubble is a simple game with a very funny game . Surely this game will appeal to young gamers . The story is cute , and adorable main character is also accompanied by cheerful music . Most games are now offering a free feature , but there are some features that must be paid in get . Likewise with this game , providing the opportunity for fans of the game to try – try before you buy.


Free Download Games Chef de Bubble is a fantasy game build cities , in which you can create your own world that is unique in the world of snow . In this game you join Ceylon struggling regulate its restaurants . He is still new in this business and he’s trying to work best with the help of advice from her friend .

One thing that would make this game fun is the music. The music is very upbeat and in accordance with the game that’s set in the world of snow. You can buy some additional production of objects by using the money that you earn with hard work. You can also buy decorations and widen your restaurant to the world of snow. One of the advantages of buying decor items are pouches you can widen your magic powder.

Mainin way this game is quite simple , you just need to press the existing display face.

  • First , you start working with putting your new dining table in a restaurant , tap on the table and select the meals you want to prepare .
  • When you choose one of the three menus are available from kokimu , he will show up and prepare the menu you select.
  • The time needed to complete the cooking is quite different – different , ranging from a few seconds to several hours . And of course this in real time.
  • So , if you want to prepare the wafer , it just takes a little time.
  • However , there are several menus that take more than an hour or more to complete.
  • The menu is more quickly done then the price is also getting cheaper , the longer the manufacturing process the price is also more expensive.
  • You only need to spend a little money to prepare your food menu and they will pay to use magic powder . You can use the powder to buy the means of production that can dispense coins . It may take a long process to make money and grow magic powder . A lot of money you can use to buy more goods production , which can be converted into a powder that can make more money.

If you like the Chef de Bubble game and want to spend your time playing the game. So we recommend to play this game because it really is perfect to spend your leisure time. Wait no more, download this game now quickly because its size is only 13 MB just does not like city building games High School Story we’ve ever shared before.

Download Game Chef De Bubble

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